We all have areas of our lives where we feel "resistance." These resistance points keep us from creating a life that we thoroughly enjoy, and long term, will drain us of energy, passion, and hope.

As a life consultant, I'm uniquely positioned to help you dismantle your resistance points, and to initiate lasting life changes. Once you've eliminated "subconscious" points of resistance...momentum in life becomes inevitable.

How does it work?

How do we improve our lives? Permanent lifestyle change requires two components: emotional processing and practical lifestyle changes. If you implement one without the other, they will ultimately implode, and you'll be back to where you started. 

Most people get breakthrough for a time being—they start working out, they get the passion to "write the book," or they eliminate an addiction—only to go back to their old cycles after a few weeks or months. The reason this happens is very simple. We have deeply rooted patterns, formed in early childhood and hard-wired into our subconscious, that resist any substantive changes. We are in an uphill battle with our subconscious.


So what do we do?: If you have the right tools, it's simple. Re-wiring our psychology is not as complicated, or difficult, as it appears. Traumas, negative patterns, or toxic cycles can easily be broken and replaced with positive substitutes.

It just takes a double-pronged attack. We must do the "internal work" and then supplement it with practical implementation.

In addition, after each session you'll be given highly strategic exercises to initiate and solidify the changes that you will be making. Without reinforcing the changes, you have a high probability of dealing with the issue again.

The Process


Get You Alive

Get You Connected

Get You Expressed

The first step of emotional health is getting you connected to your emotions. It’s fundamental to your happiness and health.


We’ll get you connected to your family, friends, and colleagues. Creating healthy relationships helps you actualize your life.

When you are fully YOU, you’ll be thriving in business, relationships, and expressing your natural talents and giftings.

Uncovering Your Ideal Self


We'll Create a Roadmap

We, as part of your consulting journey, will be defining your "ideal self" and also what your ideal self wants and needs. This may include the starting of a new business, writing a book, or pursuing a romantic relationship. We'll design your ideal life, and reverse engineer the process for you to create it.


About Blair Reynolds

Blair Reynolds is the founder of LifeConsultingCourse.com and BusinessConsultingCourse.com, is a co-host on The Liberation Project podcast, is the host of ONTHEBEAM.com, and is a life consultant in Redding, CA. He has been consulting individuals in business and personal transformation for over ten years. 


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