Your Ideal Life Session will be led by Blair REynolds—A business and life consultant—and Founder of and

You'll meet one-on-one, by Skype, for 55 minutes.





Here are just a few of the takeaways.

  • Get Clarity on Your Passions, so you can deeply enjoy your personal and professional life.
  • Get Clarity on Your Talents, so you'll know where to make the most impact and where you can make the most money.
  • Get Clarity on Your Value, so you can be confident in any situation.
  • You'll receive a written Ideal Life Description including your characteristics, adjectives that describe you, and your unique qualities.



Limited Time Discount

I know that the holidays can be especially stressful, so I've reduced the price from $150 to $50. I want to help people to "step into themselves" so they can deeply enjoy the holidays with family.

I'm only making 25 slots available at this price. 

Hope to see you soon!

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