Several years ago, I met two young women. Both of them were intelligent and personable. Each of them struck me with their zest for life and incredible potential. They seemed to have an indomitable spirit and I believed that both would make their mark in the world.

    If we fast-forward to today, however, their lives look remarkably different. The first woman now has a husband, and together, they make an adequate income. She has several children, but has clearly lost the glint in her eye. She's getting through life, but feels as though she is missing out on her dreams. She doesn’t have the energy to work on her passions, and has resigned herself to watching TV just to get much needed rest.

    The other woman is happily married and has three bright and courageous young children. She has a job that challenges and inspires her. She knows that she is making a difference and her clients pay her abundantly because they love the uniqueness and value of her services. Her family travels often, they eat out at fancy dinners (because they enjoy it so much), and she and her husband often counsel other couples on how to create a beautiful marriage and life. Each morning, she excitedly gets out of bed with hope and expectation for the day to come.

Both of these ladies had the same potential and opportunities, so what made the difference?

    The first woman was hopeful and energetic, but life struggles simply took their toll. She kept saying that she would make time for herself, or get back to her passions, but there never seemed to be enough time and she never had enough energy. She would want to do something spontaneous, but there wasn’t ever enough money. The years simply started slipping by and she found herself in a situation she didn’t anticipate.

    The second woman recognized that to get the most out of life, she must be willing to get help. She made a decision to become vulnerable, and share about her fears and her true feelings. She proactively sought friends, and a consultant, to help her design a lifestyle that would create the life she wanted. 

    The preceding story is made up, but the first woman represents how many of us feel. We believe we are stuck in our circumstances, without much energy, and time continues to slip by. At some point, we must intentionally choose to create the life we want. I would love to be one of the people that assists you in doing just that.

Are you ready to be fully you?

Most people are hiding. They're living a shallow version of the person they are called to be. It isn't that they are broken, they just haven't made the leap into the life they were designed to live.

If you are ready to make that jump—to "crush it" professionally, have incredible relationships, and step into your potential—Life Consulting can get you there.

I'm a Life Consultant who specializes in helping people step into their confidence, clarity, and creativity. After working together, you'll know exactly how to pursue your dreams, have fulfilling relationships, and become an influencer.

Similar to a chiropractor doing an alignment on your back, I'll do an alignment in your personal life.

Most people don't understand that they are much, much closer to an amazing life than they think. So by making a few minor adjustments, we'll align you with your talents and passions, and the effect will be you naturally becoming more effective and fulfilled. 

Through Life Consulting, you'll learn just how easy Becoming You can be.